Wild-CER research team and the veterinary experts are engaged in studying the diseases of wild animals in free ranging and in captivity. We are involved in finding out the strategies to control the outbreak of the diseases in the wild animals. Dr. Bahar Baviskar and Dr. Priya Baviskar have extensively worked on the parasitic diseases of wild animals.

First report of Babesia sp. infection in Nilgai from Central India was also reported.

Our research advisor Dr. Jim Lish, raptor biologist, Oklahoma State Unitersity, USA has inspired the team members to work on the Vulture Conservation and now we are engaged in the research and monitoring of the vulture population at Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra.

Dr. Lish was invited by Wild-CER to visit to the Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra and guide for the ongoing Vulture Conservation Project.

He has been involved in raptor conservation for more than 40 years and has worked on Bald Eagles and Red Tailed Hawks. Currently he is studying Golden eagles and its wing load.