Grey mongoose rescued by Wild-CER is struggling for survival

Wild-CER today rescued a grey mongoose from Phutala lake, Seminary hills, Nagpur. This is a common species found near human habitation.

Dr. Bahar Baviskar rescued the animal in serious condition with dog bite marks on its body. The animal is unable to walk because of deep injury on thigh region. The animal is under treatment and we are trying our best to save its life.

We have already informed forest department authority about rescue, added Dr. Bahar Baviskar. Dog menace is getting serious problem in Nagpur and proving fatal to the wildlife. We have rescued a civet cat in April 2013 and the civet was severely wounded by the dogs and succumbed to the injuries.

Wild-CER has rescued Indian treepie, Indian pitta in last few weeks and has released them successfully back to the wild, informed Mr. Mayuresh Joshi, Wild-CER. However, dog bite cases mostly do not survive because of the severity of the injuries.