Black Kite Saved

NAGPUR: A full-grown black kite was given a new lease of life by volunteers of CAC-All Rounder, a Nagpur-based NGO working to promote adventure sports, on Thursday.The beautiful raptor was found dangling at over 20 feet from a tall pipal tree branch in Hazari Pahad area of the city. The bird was struggling to free itself after one of its wings got entangled in Chinese nylon manja. It was first seen by a Std IV student Mikka Amale, who reported about the bird to his mother. She called up TOI who requested bird and animal rescuer Amol Khante to do the needful. Khante, along with his team Gajanan Rindhe, Manish Makh and Ravi Nerkar reached the spot immediately and with the help of a two bamboo poles fixed with a cutter removed the manja and brought the bird down safely. The bird had minor injury to its wing.

It was handed over to wildlife vet Dr Bahar Baviskar who is treating the bird. It is out of danger and will be released in its original habitat in two days.

The CAC-All Rounder has released 12 birds trappped in different parts of the city in the past five months.

Shikra Rescue

The shikra chick was found in an injured condition by Uma Rao in Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) colony at Seminary Hills yesterday. The bird was unable to fly.

Rao called up Dr Baviskar, who reached the spot with his team. The bird had injuries over its neck and chest. It was immediately brought to Wild-Cer centre in Gokulpeth and treated.

The bird has been kept under observation. “The shikra is recovering and we plan to reunite the rescued bird with its mother at the same spot from where it was brought,”” said Dr Baviskar.

Earlier, Dr Baviskar has rescued eight birds and released them in their original habitat.

Besides, he has rescued several infant monkeys that were abandoned and has successfully reunited them with families in the city in the past.