Egyptian vulture treated successfully at Wild-CER critical care unit

July 12, 2015

An Egyptian vulture was rescued from Manewada area of Nagpur, Maharashtra state on 3rd February 2015. The bird was severely dehydrated, weak and was unable to stand on its own, when it was first observed. Therefore it was immediately transferred to Critical Care Unit of Wild-CER. Forest department personnel were cialis acheter informed about the rescue, immediately. The bird was stabilized with saline and medicines, informed Dr. Baviskar, Wildlife veterinarian & Director, Wild-CER.

On physical examination, it was found that propatagium and patagium of left wing of Egyptian vulture was completely damaged due to kite string. So far, three operations have been performed successfully and the bird is showing recovery now. It was fruit of team effort and we are thankful to Dr. Upadhye, Dr. Dhakate and Dr. Stephan Harsch for their guidance and support during the viagra et infarctus operation. The bird will take

5-6 months for complete recovery. This is for the first time in Central India that Egyptian vulture has been operated successfully, informed Dr. Baviskar.