Rescue and Rehabilitation of the distressed wild animals:

There is no greater satisfaction than rescuing injured wild animals, treating them, releasing them back to wild or reuniting them with their family. With the tremendous efforts of our expert veterinary team, we have accomplished several reunion missions of the wild animals successfully in the past. We are involved in training number of people and rescue organizations involved in the rescue.

Conservation of Gyps vultures at Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

Representing remaining last few colonies of Indian White Backed Vultures in Maharashtra, Pench Tiger Reserve holds a good number of Gyps vultures. Wild-CER is trying to save this beautiful species from getting extinct. We have prepared the Conservation Action Plan for Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. Next phase includes the implementation of the recommendations made in the action plan, continuous monitoring of the vulture population and starting vulture restaurant. We are looking for the funding agencies to provide funds for this project in coming future.

Sloth Bear-Human conflict and its mitigation at Melghat Tiger Reserve

With increase in Sloth bear attack cases, Melghat Tiger Reserve epitomizes the Man-Animal conflict. We are interested to study the conflict issue in this area and come up with mitigation measures.

Wild-CER is constantly trying to upgrade the knowledge of veterinarians by providing them necessary training required during the rescue operations. Darting training programs organized especially for the veterinarians has proved successful in the past.

Leopard Rescue management training programs

Wild-CER provides this training to professional rescuers and veterinarians involved in the rescue operations for long time. Leopard conflict cases are on rise and will be a major challenge in coming future. We are involved in training the forest department staff, veterinarians and other NGO’s for rescue operations and the management of the rescued animal.

Future plans:

  • Establishment of Research center in Central India dedicated to research on Wildlife
  • Extending Library service to wildlife enthusiasts
  • Establishment of Rescue Center providing emergency care to the wild fauna
  • Launch Mobile Veterinary Clinic for wildlife