Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research (Wild-CER) is running many conservation projects for years together. Those projects involves field work and reflects our committment towards the conservation issues.

Few of the Conservation projects run by Wild-CER

Rescue and rehabilitation of the wild animals: We are actively involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of the wild animals for more than 15 years. This work requires lots of passion for working for animal welfare, dedication towards the goal of recovering the injured animals and persistence to make the dream come true. With our dedicated team and wildlife veterinarian we have successfully rescued thousands of animals and birds till date.

Vulture Conservation: Wild-CER is involved in monitoring vulture population in Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. This tiger reserve holds a good population of the Indian White Backed Vultures, Long billed Vultures and Red headed Vultures.

Man-Animal Conflict and its mitigation: With ever increasing human population man is coming in close contact with the wild animals more frequently. Attack on human being, Attack on domestic animals and crop raiding are the major pattern of Man-Animal conflict. Wild-CER is trying to mitigate this issue through survey, research and education.