Chinese manja claims 5 birds

NAGPUR: In what the police are calling first case of its kind, three NGOs have come together to lodge a complaint after five birds were found dead after getting entangled in Chinese manja near the emergency ward in Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

People for Animals (PFA), Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research (Wild-CER) and Help for Animals together lodged a complaint at Ajni police station. “We managed to save one crow, but two common mynas, two crows and a greater coucal died hanging from the manja,” said Dr Bahar Baviskar of Wild-CER.

“We have got a written complaint on the matter. As this is a first of its kind complaint we have approached our law officer to help us determine under what acts we can lodge the complaint. The investigation is underway,” said SN Nehare, PSI, Ajni police station.

The police conducted a panchnama of the place where the birds were found dead. “What the officials ask us when

we demand a ban on Chinese manja is why we don’t make an official complaint. That is what we have done. Swapnil Bodhne of Help for Animals was also with us. The police were very cooperative,” said Karishma Galani of PFA.

She added that last year a case for banning Chinese manja in Maharashtra was stayed in High Court. Now, both, the NGOs and the police believe this complaint will help strengthen the case for a ban. “The Chinese manja hanging on the trees are like permanent noose for unsuspecting birds who get trapped into them and die,” said Baviskar. As nylon manja doesn’t wither away for a long time, it poses a greater danger to birds. Rescue experts have also said that it is more difficult to rescue a bird trapped in Chinese manja. Chandrashekhar Ganar and Arun Shasrakar had earlier informed NGOs about the birds hanging from the manja.