Who we are ?


Wild-CER logo contains 3 blocks which indicates the 3 classes of the wildlife namely Mammals, Avian and Reptiles.

First block contains Tiger pugmark with green color in the background indicating its habitat, the forest.

Second block contains the flying bird with sky blue color in the background indicating its habitat, the air.

Third block contains the snake with maroon – red color in the background depicting its habitat, the soil.

Wild-CER is a consevation oganization mainly involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of the wild animals for more than one and half decade and above 3 classes have dominated most of our rescue work and other projects.

Conservation, Education and Research?

Wild-CER is working on mailnly three aspects

Conservation: Which includes the field projects where we try to make the long lasting impact on the species we are trying to conserve.

Education: Which includes spreading awareness about wildlife and its importance among the school children, college students and citizens of India. This also includes giving professional rescue-rehabilitation training to the forest department personnel and rescue organizations.

Research: Wild-CER is committed to the research related to the wild animals, diseases of wild animals in free ranging and captive wildlife and its management.