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Dr. Bahar Shrikrishna Baviskar,
Founder and Executive Director

Bahar is a Master of Veterinary Sciences. His passion is to rescue wild animals, keeping them with him till recovery and releasing them back in the wild. After voluntarily resigning the Ph. D. position at Oklahoma State University, USA, he decided to return to India and work full time for his organization Wild-CER. His life is full of joy and happiness as he is the true admirer of beauty of Mother ‘Nature’. Bahar is a Veterinary Parasitologist by profession and has number of national and international publications in his account and have given presentations at many conferences, workshops at national and international level. His research is focused on “Diseases of free ranging as well as captive wild animals and its management”. He is also working on Vulture Conservation in Central India.

Being in love with classical music, he enjoys playing flute, tabla, and many other instruments. Also, he has led his university for Badminton, Basketball. Bahar also loves writing on wildlife issues.

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Dr. Priya Bahar Baviskar,
Vice President

Priya is a Master of Veterinary Sciences and is currently working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur. Being actively involved in rescue of wild animals she became integral part of the Wild-CER family. She is more interested in Reptiles. This courageous lady has also worked on the project “Tiger population estimation at Panna Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh” through Wildlife Institute of India. Her research is focused on “Parasitic diseases of wild animals”.

Priya has number of publications and presentations at national and international level in her account.

She loves classical dance and is currently learning the ‘Kathak’ dance with lots of passion. She has represented her university for Badminton and Vollyball as well.


Dr. Pravin Suryakant Bankar,

A genetician by profession, Pravin is a Master of Veterinary Science and currently working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Genetics at Akola. Being a nature lover, he enjoys outing and travelling at remote places. He has attended several national and international conferences and has several presentations in his account.

Pravin is a poet by heart and loves writing a lot.


Ajay Deshmukh

Dr. Ajay Deshmukh,

Ajay is currently working as wildlife veterinarian at Leopard Rescue Centre at Manikdoh, Junnar. He is a smiling face person who enjoys his job and likes to give something more than expected. He is a Master of Veterinary Sciences with Gynaecology as his specialization. He is actively involved in leopard rescue and rehabilitation and has reunited 3 leopard cubs with their mother, which is a tremendous achievement in itself.

Ajay conducts several educational and awareness programs for students. He loves interaction with people and loves to reach to people.


Mr. Ashish Dagwar,

Ashish is a wildlife enthusiast and have visited all the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries around Nagpur. He has been part of the Wild-CER family for long time and has helped Wild-CER to conduct many educational activities and camps in and around the Nagpur city.


Tiple profle picture

Dr. Ashish D. Tiple,
Research Member

Ashish is entomologist by profession and currently working as an Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Zoology at Wardha. He enjoys being in jungle and passionately working in the field. He has 7 books and number of papers and presentations at national/international meetings in his credit on an extensive range of ecological, behavioral and biogeographical research of central Indian insects. His prime research focuses on Butterfly biodiversity, taxonomy, behavior, population dynamics, molecular ecology (DNA bar-coding) and insect tissue culture. In addition, he is also keen Odonatologist and Ornithologist, interested in diversity and behaviour.

He is interested in wildlife photography.



Mayuresh Profile picture

Mayuresh Joshi,

Mayuresh is a silent nature lover who loves to enjoy nature with its every mood. He is passionate about rescue and management of the wild animals and has involved in management of the distressed wild animals at Wild-CER rescue facility.

Mayuresh is a keen observer and passionate bird watcher. He is also intrested in Snakes. He has been part of the Wild-CER family for long time. He is also looking the computer section and helping us in updating the website.

Mayuresh also loves to play flute.


Dr. Lish - Copy

Dr. James W. Lish,
Advisor, Wild-CER

Dr. Lish, a raptor biologist is currently working as an Associate Professor, Department of Physiological Sciences, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University, USA.

He has worked as Principal Investigator for ‘Bald Eagle project’ several times. Currently his research is focused on ‘Estimates of Wing Loading in the Golden Eagle’ and he is collaborating with Dr. David Ellis, Oracle Arizona, and the Raptor view organization in Bozeman Montana.