About WildCER

Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research (Wild-CER)

Who are we?
Wild-CER, Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research, is a nonprofit conservation organization, devoted to wildlife conservation, wild animal rescue and rehabilitation.

What we do?
Wild-CER has been involved in various types of conservation related activities. Assisting State Forest Department in the treatment of rescued wild fauna has been

our major achievement in past years. Rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, organizing bird surveys and educating people about the importance of wildlife are the major tasks of the organization.

Wild-CER has completed several conservation projects including preparation of the Vulture Conservation Action Plan for Pench Tiger Reserce, Maharashtra. We are involved in “Darting training programs for veterinarians to equip them during rescue operations”.

We arrange rescue training programs for the people involved in the rescue operations of the wild animals.
Our Helpline numbers are as follows
You can email us at